Meet Our Pastors

Apostle Jonas Mpoyi
Pastor Prisca Mpoyi

Apostle Jonas Mpoyi is the visionary of Strong and Mighty Jerusalem International.

Encountering Jesus Christ at a tender age of 13 years in the DRC, Apostle Jonas devoted his life to Jesus. A year after giving his life to Jesus he joined the intercession team in a local church. It is during his servitude in the intercession prayers that Apostle Jonas received the call of God upon his life.

In 2005 he founded Strong and Mighty Jerusalem. Today he has planted churches in South Africa, with branches in Durban, Esikhawini and Johannesburg. There is yet great revival due to the growth of his ministry which promises to expand beyond the borders of the soil of Africa. The Apostle is greatly known for his gift of miracle and deliverance.

Preaching the Gospel with power and wisdom never compromising on fundamental Christian values. The church’s being founded on values of holiness, warfare and empowerment illuminate the power of the Gospel.

He is a wonderful husband to Pastor Prisca Mpoyi. She is an anointed worshiper. Growing up in Lubumbashi, she served as a worshiper and counsellor. She is a phenomenal teacher of the word with all the compassion and warmth of a mother. She is a true leader and definition of a virtuous woman.  When she married Apostle Jonas, Pastor Prisca helped start the Praise and Worship ministry which was gleam at the time of her arrival. She also travailed with all her strength and her faith to establish The Women’s ministry, which was also non-existent at the time.

The couple is wonderful parents to their children, Roans and Elwin. Also spiritual parents of many spiritual sons and daughters. Shepherding them with faithfulness and love unto The Lord. (Jeremiah 3:15)